Martha Ballard's Diary, January 9 - 18, 1809

9 2
Clear and Cold. mr Ballard Cutt wood, 20 Loggs &C. Cyrus Sett out for mr Beens to tend mill. Polly was Conducted to Son Jonas to Spend Evng. I have finisht kniting mr Ballard a pair mitts and done other matters. [at home]. Polly went [to] Son Jonas at Evng.  
10 3
Snowd. I have done my hous work & ript [old] garments, Cut ye fragments for flocke & Coverlid filling. Jona Junr & young Littlefield Sleep here. at home.  
11 4
Clear part of ye day. Polly Town returnd from Son Jonas, has been Mending Shirts for mr Ballard. I have washt Some, ript garments, Bakt flower Bread &C. at home. Polly Came fm Son Jonas.  
12 5
Clear part of the day & very Cold. Polly & I washt &C. at home.  
13 6
Clear & Cold. I have been at home. at home.  
14 7
Clear & very Cold. Polly left here after dinner to go to Gardiner. I have Doubled hoes yarn & done other things. mr Ballard brot _ lb Tea, 2 do Sugar, pint Brandy, 2 qts W E Rhum yesterday. at home. mrs Kenny here.  
15 1
Clear part of ye day and very Cold. my husband and my Self at home. Lilllefield & Ephm Sleep here. at [home].  
16 2
[Clear], Snowd ys morn. I have been doing hous work & mended a Shirt. at home.  
17 3
Clear. I have Brewd & knit a garter. Son Jona Sent us a Load wood. at home, Brewd.  
18 4
Clear part of the day. I have been very Sick. Son Jona and his wife Came and tarried with us all night. at home, very unwel.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.