Martha Ballard's Diary, December 24 - 28, 1808

24 7
raind and Snowd. I have washt, tried Tallow, 16 lb rough, which Cyrus brot fm Son Lambds yesterday, he brot 3 lb 11 oz Butter allso which was purchast with money mr Ballard Left with him. Cyrus brot 1 qt Spirit had of Bond. at [home], washt &C. I was taken very Sick in the night.  
25 1
Clear and pleast day. I am very Sick yet. mr Ballard to meeting. Revd mr Stone Discost fn fm. [no entry] Son Jona & wife & Martha Came to See me. [H ] Hannah with me all day. Dagt Lambard [better].   
26 2
Snowd. I feel Some beller for which I wish to feel grateful.   
27 3
Clear. I Still remain Easier. mr Ballard & Cyrus got wood. Son & Daugt Lambard Calld in to See me at Evng. my Dagt handed me a letter from Hannah waters of Oct 8th informing our friends are wel.   
28 4
Clear. mr Ballard went to the Settlement, brot home 1 gln Molases, _ do N E rhum, _ do Ginger, _lb Allspice, a bottle of Slolens Elxr. Son Ephm took supper here. a mr Beene here after Cyrus to tend mill. a famely by ye name of Dow movd to ye old hous.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.