Martha Ballard's Diary, November 25 - December 2, 1808

25 6
Clear but Chilly. mrs Farewel & Dagt Ballard and Martha here. mrs F Sleeps here. at [home]. mrs [Farewel] here.  
26 7
Clear. I have Bakt bn & Flower Bread. mrs Farewel left here. at [home].  
27 1
Clear Pleast Sun but Cool air. mr Ballard and Cyrus to meeting. Revd mr Stone discst forn fm Mark, aftn fm Proverbs. at [home]. Savage Bolton Calld [here].  
28 2
Clear. I have Bakt Pies. Son Town Came here, his famely all wel. he informd us Colo Taylor was dead. at [home]. Son [Town] Sleeps [here].  
29 3
Clear the most of ye day. Son Town left here after Breakfast. Rhoda Pollard Came at noon to mend Cloaths. I have knit Some, done hous wk. at [home]. Son Town left here. Rhoda Pollard [Came] here.  
30 4
Cloudy, raind fast at Evng. Rhoda mended Shirts for mr Ballard & Cyrus. I have done hous wk & knit on a Leggin. at home. Rhoda [to] Son Jonas at Evng.  
1 5
Cloudy, Snowd Some. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to meeting, it is Thanksgiving day. Revd mr Stone discoarst from Psalm C [  ] 7th, 13-14-15 verss. Sons Jona & Lambard to hear mr Roggers, his discoars 116 Psm 12th vers. Son Jona & Lambard to hear mr Roggers his discoars 116 Psm 12th vers. my husband, I & Cyrus, Son & Dagt Lambd, Rhoda and part of mr Lambds Childn Dind and took Tea at Son Jonas. Allin wrode there in A Sleigh. at Son Jonas to Dine.  
2 6
Cloudy. Rhoda workt for me. Hannah, Martha & Dolly Lambd here aftern. Hanh Sleeps here. I have done hous work [&] knit. the men got Some wood. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.