Martha Ballard's Diary, September 18 - 25, 1808

18 1
Clear the most of ye day. mr Balld & Cyrus to meeting. Revd mr Stone Discoarst fm St John 14 C 11 vers. Son Ephm and his wife & Sopha here after meeting. Bror Lambd went to Varsalboro to his Son Capin. at home. Son [Ephm] his wife & Dagt here.  
19 2
Clear part of the day. Rhoda Pollard Came here to weav a piece in her aunts Loom. Saml Dind here. Bror Lambd Came here at Evn, Sleeps here. I have gatherd drie & green Beens, Cut Squash to drie &C. mr Ballard been unwel. at home. Old mr Lambd here, Rhoda allso. raind at Ev.  
[20] 3
rainy. I have done houe work, Sheld Beens &C. Bror Lambd left here at 9h morn, it began to rain at 11. mr Ballard and Allin Cleand our well. Rhoda got her web into ye Loom. Son Cyrus Came from mr Coneys, has finisht [t ]. at [home]. Bror Lambd Sett [out home he Slept at Son Ephms].  
[21] 4
Cloudy & Some rain. I have felt very unwel but have Bakt & done other wk. Son Epms wife Sent me 2 lb Candles. at home.  
[22] 5
Clear and Cool, a frost ys morn. I have felt very unwel forenn, harvested Beens aftern, Sheld Some at Evng. mr Ballard to Hallowell, receivd a part of Colo Fillebrowns Taxes at mr Welds. at [home].  
[23] 6
Clear part of ye day. I have washt and done other matters. mr Ballard been to ye Setllement, brot home 2 lb Sugar, _ do Tea & [2] qts Spirit. Cyrus to Coneys and Brot flower home & Corn for [fowl]. at [home].  
[24] 7
Clear. I have been at home, Dagt Lambd to Son Ephms. Cyrus went to Charls Voses, brot 7_ lb Pork. Dagt Ballard, Son Jonas wf, here, brot me [3_] lb pork. at [home]. Son [Jonas] wife here. Lefaett was here.  
[25] 1
very rainy after 10h morn. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting, ye Sacrament administred. mr Lambd & Luke been [to] Sister Bartons. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.