Martha Ballard's Diary, September 4 - 9, 1808

4 1
Son Ephms 3d Daugt Expired, aged 5 weaks, 2 days & 12 hours.
Clear. I am at my Sons, the Child is no better. Dagt Ballard Came and assisted in takeing Care of it. Doct Cony was Calld, left Sinna [and] Elixir Salutus but it was past the reach of medisin. it Continued till 7h 30m Evng when it gave up ye ghost. a mr Howard tarried all night. at Ditoes. the Babe Expired at 7h 30m Evng. mrs Hamlin and Titcomb laid it out.  
5 2
Clear. we were at Son Ephms, the Neighbours granted them assistance in makeing preperation for the interment. I Slept in the Chamber alone where ye Corps lay. at Ditoes, Dagt Ballard went home.  
6 3
Clear part of ye day. the remains of ye deceased infant were intered after 4 pm. Revd mr Stone made an able prayer on ye ocation. mr Isaac Farewel and Lady were at ye funeral. there was a Shower with thunder after we returnd from ye grave. mr Ballard & I tarried all night. at Ditoes. the Funeral of his Child attended.  
7 4
Clear. I left my Sons at 2h pm, was Conducted home by mrs Sally Farewel in a Shais. Sopha Came with [us]. I gathered Cucumbers, [mustard], Safron, merigoulds after I Came home. at Detoes and returnd home.  
8 5
Clear. I have Scolt my pickeles & put a dye of my purple Corn Stalks a makeing and did various kinds of wk. at home.  
9 6
Clear. I have Brewd, gathered Mustard and done many kinds work. Jona & Stephen Porter here, took Tea. mr Ballard been to mill for Son Jona and went to Capt Youngs & had a hors Shod. at home. [am informd that mr Dellinghams youngest Child Expird] ys day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.