Martha Ballard's Diary, August 30 - September 3, 1808

30 3
Clear. I have finisht harvesting my Peas in the field and Done ye hous work. Dagt Lambd weaving. we are informd that Capt Toby was woonded very badly by a Bull. at home. Capt Toby very much hurt by a Bull ys day.  
31 4
Clear. I did the morning work and Sett out with Some wool to git Spun. was at Saml Braleys, Isaace Savages & Asa Masons. mrs Savage took it to Spin 3 pounds roals. I took Dinner at Son Jonas. Daugt Lambd got her web out,30 yds. at Saml Braleys, Isaac Savages & Asa Masons.Son Towns youngest Child named [Salem] Expired.  
1 5
X. Birth Joel Savages 2nt Daugt. XX.
I was Calld by Joel Savage at Mid night to go & See his wife who is in Labour. I found her not very ill. I went onto the Bed & rested but did not Sleep. it raind before day break. her illness Came on, her women Calld in and Shee was Safe Deld a Daught her 3d Child at 6h 30m ys morn and is Comfortable. we had a good Breakfast and I receivd 9s as reward. Sett out home, reacht there before 10. was informd that Son Towns youngest Child is dead. at Joel Savages. Birth 2nd, receivd 9 S as a reward.  
2 6
Clear. I have finisht my wash but feel very feeble. I have gathered Some mustard, Cut purple Corn Stalks &C. Son Jonas wife here to Tea with Dagt Lambard. mr Ballard been to Lecture. Revd mr Stone discoarst fm 2nd Corint IX C 15th vers. at home. mr Ballard to Lecture. Funeral Son Towns Son [Salem].  
3 7
Clear. I was Calld by Son Ephm to go and See his infant which I found very Sick. it had a high feaver and much oprest for Breath. we gave it a little Caster Oil and it Seemd Some Easier. I Sett up with it till near 4h morn when I put it in Bed with its Mother and Slept a little. mr Son Calld me up and we thought Expireing but it revived a little. we Sent for Son Jonas wife, Shee Came. at Son Ephms, his infant very Sick.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.