Martha Ballard's Diary, August 14 - 21, 1808

14 1
Clear. I feel very feeble but Some more Comfortable than I was yesterday for which Mercy I wish to bless the author of all good. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting, Revd mr Parker performd. Discoarst fm 1 Epsl John 4 C 11 vers, aftern fm Romans 2 C 28-29 verss. at home, very feeble.  
15 2
Clear. Dagts Ballard & Lambard went to Old mr Gills. I fellt feeble but was So wel aftern as to gather Beens & Pees to Send to Son Epm. mr Ballard went to See Son Ephms Corn, he found Allin, Barny & Wm Bald with a fire by ye road, roasting Corn. at home, Some better.  
16 3
Clear. I have finisht Breuing and done my hous work, been at home. Son Town Sleeps here, his Famely are well. at home, Son Town Sleeps here.  
17 4
a frost ys morn.
Clear. I have done my hous work. Dagt Lambd did my washing and her own. we wint to Son Jonas. I there found out where Allin got the Corn he was roasting in the woods. at Son Jonas, Eph Cowens here, Dorkis Nickles Sleeps here.  
18 5
Clear and warmer than it was yesterday. I went to Son Ephms, find her as wel as Can be Expected. the Babe is Troubled with wind, Cried much while I was there. Son Jonas wife & Dagt Lambard to Capt Shubas Pittss. at Son Ephms, a trying Scein took place here ys morn.  
19 6
Clear. Sister Barton Came here, mr Porter Came down with her. he and Son Pollard Calld in here. I have been at home. mrs Porter Sent us a Chees yt wd 12 lb. at home. mr Porter here, Sist Barton allso.  
20 7
Clear. very my Sist with me ys day. Dagts Ballard & Lambard & Allin went to wido Savagess on a visit. at home. Sist [Barlon] here, mrs Andrus here.  
21 1
Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting. Sister Bartn here. I feel some feeble. Luke went to Hinkleys to meeting. at home. ys Text Acts 9thC 6th vers.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.