Martha Ballard's Diary, July 30 - August 7, 1808

30 7
raing. I am at Son Ephms, his wife as wel as Can be Expected. at [Detoes].  
31 1
Clear. I am at my Son Ephms, my Dagt as wel as Could be Expected. at Ditoes..  
1 2
Clear. I am at Son Ephms. Sally Cumings washt, Shee Complains of a pain in her head. at Ditoes.  
2 3
Clear. I am at my sons, Sally C not able to do much work. my Daugt was very unwel at night. I Slept but little. at Ditoes.  
3 4
Clear. Sally Farewel Conducted me home and Dagt Lambd went down with her. Son Ephms wife Seems more Comfortable. mrs Gill here, Sleeps here. at ditoes.  
4 5
Clear and very warm Except A lite Shower near night. I have gathered Beens & Pees, Sent Some to Son Ephms, his wife is Cleverly. mr Ballard been to Hallooell Surveying. Saml Gill Came Came [sic] here for his Sister. at home. Old mrs Parker here.  
5 6
raind. mr Ballard went to the Settlement, Bot 2 lb Sugar, _ do Tea & 1 do Butter, _gn Spirrit, _ Bsl Corn. I have Spent ye day fixing herbs to drie & make ointment of. mrs Brooks & John Browns wife here. at home. mrs Brooks & Brown here. Allin Sett out for Bath.  
6 7
Clear. I have done hous work and got in herbs and parsnip Seeds. Son Jonas wife here to Tea. I have Bakt Brown bread &C. at home. Daught Pollard 39 years old ys day.  
7 1
Clear. Dagt Lambd went to Meeting. I got ready to go aftn when [news] Came that mr Andrus was Dead. mr [Lambard] went & returnd. I went, a Prayer was Deld by Revd mr Stone, Discoarst from. [no entry]. at mrs Andrus, her husband Expird [Sudingly] very [   ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.