Martha Ballard's Diary, June 1 - 11, 1808

[1] 4
Some rain. mrs Gill Came & Sleeps here. at home.  
[2] 5
Clear. I do not feel very well. Dagt Lambd to Son Jonas. mr Ballard & Cyrus to hear tryal of Barlow, he was found Gilty and [no entry]. at home.  
[3] 6
Clear. I have Planted Squash in ye [field] but have Bakt and washt altho feeble. Dagt Ballard & mrs Gill to Tea here. at home. Barlow Sent to State Prison.  
[4] 7
Clear. I workt in ye field & ironed. at home.  
[5] 1
Clear & warm. mr Ballard & Cyrus, mr Lambd, his wife & Daugts to Meeting. Son Jona, his wife & mrs Gill here. mr Stone Discoarst from Prov 21 C 2nt vers. at home. mrs Gill here.  
[6] 2
Clear. I have been very feeble, Sett up but little. mr Balld to Parrish meeting. I have Beens & Squash Com up. at home.  
[7] 3
raind ye most of ye day. Corn & Beens are Cuming up. mr Lambd & Luke went to Bowmans point to work. at home. Death Reubin [Wimans] wife.  
[8] 4
Clear. I have planted 60 hills purpl Corn, Beens & Squash with it in the N End of ye Gardin Cucumbers. Sowd Safron & String peas. mrs Abigail Eadds Expired. at home. Deaths Nabby Eadds. Sopha Gill Sleeps here.  
[9] 5
Clear. I have transplanted Cucumbers which I planted 20 may. drew Lee, put Yarn into it. at home.  
[10] 6
Clear. mr Ballard, my Self, Dagts Ballard, Lambd, Allin & Lucy attend at funeral mrs Abigl Eadds. at funeral mrs Nabby Eadds.  
[11] 7
Clear. I have Bakt pumkin Pies [Cleansing] yn, Bakt Brown bread. dagt Ballard [     ] Pork. Son [Jonas] C. at home, Dagt [B ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.