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May 18 - 25, 1808
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[18] 4


Clear, I have washt Cloaths and my floar, Sowd Sage & Pepper grass. we Sowd String Peas. mr Ballard been helping about ploughing. at home, washt &C.
19 5


Clear. I have been Sorting Beens the most of the day. EbenZ Hoveys wife was here, Friend David Foster allso. at home. mrs Hovey here, had Some herbs.
20 6


Clear. I have Planted Cucumbers, W. Squash, Sowd Sugar & String Peas and Oinions. A mr Stedman and his wife Calld here for melolott. Daught Ballard & mrs Gillbart here to Tea. Luke Sawd limbs off Balm giliad trees and Cutt one down. at home. mr Stedman here. Daugt Ballard & mrs Gilbart here.
21 7


Clear. I have Planted Beens, Bush Squash, Sowd F. turnips, Sowd Peas and done other matters about hous. Daught Lambard to Son Jonas. at home. Son Cyrus Came home at Evng.
22 1


A rainy day. mr Ballard & Cyrus to Meeting. Revd mr Parker Performd. Discoarst fm Mark 2nt C 27 & 28 Verses & Isaiah 43d 25. at home.
23 2


rainy foren. I have been at home. Done Some work in my Gardin, finisht Sorting Beens. Luke returnd from his Mothers. at home.
24 3


Clear and pleast. I have been at home, did a little aboud gardin Matters. Daugt Lambd washt & Brewd. the men Planted Corn, Beens & Pumkins. Daugt Ballard here aftern. mr Ballard planted [Bonnebis] Beens. at home. Dagt Ballard here with part of her Childn.
25 4


raind but mr Ballard, Lambd, Cypher & Soal finisht Ploughing the new ground by our Corn field. I Sorted [Bonnybiss] Beens, had 2 qts fit for [planting]. at home, it is Election day.
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May 18 - 25, 1808
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