Martha Ballard's Diary, April 21 - 26, 1808

21 5
Clear foren and part of ye aflern. I have been So well as to do my hous work and knit Some. Daugt Lambd and Childn to Son Jonas, his wife & James have been very unwell. Hannah and Sally & Harriet here a little before night. at home, Sett up the most of ye day.  
22 6
Clear. I have Bakt Pumkin pies, done some in my door yard. Son Lambards Cow Calvd this morn. my Daught & I went to the Barn at milking time, we had to grant her Some astistance. Son Jonas Daugts & mr Lambds went & got aulderbuds. at home, have felt Some more Comfortable, Bakt pies.  
23 7
Clear & Cool. I have Bakt Bn Bread. Brewd, pild wood, removd door dirt and my other hous work. Daugt Ballard & Lambd, Marta & Lucy went to Son Ephms aftn. Allin to Hallowell, Son Cyrus to mr Cumings Mill to tend it. at home. I do feel fatauged ys night but Blessed be God for giving me Strength.  
24 1
Clear and Cool. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting. I have been at home. Daugt Lambds to Son Pollards. mr L & Luke Came home at Evng. at home. [Revd mr] Stone discoarst fm Geneses 45, 3 V.  
25 2
Cloudy and a little rain. I have been at home, did my hous work. workt Some in my door yd & knit Some. mr Ballard to parrish Meeting. Cyrus helping Son Jona Plough. Hannah, Martha & James here. at home. hear that Capt Stackpols wife Expired ys morn at 2 O Clock.  
26 3
rainy. I have workt in my door yd and knit Some, washt my room, Stairs and Entry &C. mr Ballard to Capt osgoods. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.