Martha Ballard's Diary, February 18 - 26, 1808

[18] 5
Clear and very Cold and windy. I have done hous work, knit Some. do not feel very wel. Son Jonas wife sent me Bitters, [fresh] Pork and Butter. at home.  
19 6
Clear, Cold and windy. I have done Some washing, Twisted 1 Skein yarn, ironed and knit Some. Jona and William Sleep here. at home.  
20 7
Cloudy and Cold. I have Brewd, knit, finisht a paer of mits for my husband and knit on his Stockin. this is the anneversary of my Birth, 73 years have I Seen, past thro many Sceins. may it pleas ye Great Parent of ye universe to Enable me to liv devoted to his Service the little time I have to Sojourn in this world. Allin Lamb brot us 23 lb Beef. at home, have Seen 73 years ys Day. Allin, [Barny] & Ephm B. Dind here. Funeral mr Edward Springer. 
21 1
Snowd. Cyrus Came home. we did not attend public worship this day. Son Lambd, his wife and Babe here at Evning. at home. Son & Dagt Lambd Calld in at Evng.  
22 2
Cloudy the most of ye day. Cyrus went to mr Cumings []. I have washt and knit 1 knot of [yn] in mr Balds Stockin. at home, washt & knit.  
23 3
Clear and Cold. I have washt, been ["at home" - implied] at home.  
24 4
Clear and Cold. I have done hous wk & knit Some, feel not very wel. a pair mits for Cyrus. at home.  
25 5
Clear and Cold. Son Ephm & wife here. he brot us 6 lb Beef [and] Do pork and 1 lb [Tobaco] for his Dad. he went to Sidney. Dagt Pollard Sent us 5_ lb Beef and 8 lb Pork. I began a Legin for mr Ballard. at home. Son Ephm & wife here.  
26 6
Clear and very Cold. I have washt Some, Twisted yarn. mrs Partridg brot me this weak 3_ lb B, 1_ [pork], _ lb Butter. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.