Martha Ballard's Diary, January 25 - 31, 1808

25 2
Clear Part of ye day. ye Brig over Bomans brook is gone. at home. Luke Bart Sleeps here.  
26 3
Cleare foren. Son Jona, his wife & part of yr Childn here. I have felt very unwel. at home, had [Company]. Luke Sleeps [h ].  
27 4
Cloudy, raind Some. Betsy Wiman here, her marm Sent us a Present of 6_ lb Beef and a mins pie, thus we are provided for from time for which I wish to thank God. I did part of my washing tho very feeble. at home, feel [very] unwel. Hannah Spun [w ] yn here.  
28 5
Clear. I finisht my wash though Sufring the Severest Pain, [gave] up at night. Hannah here Twisting yarn. my pain was So great at night yt I Could not keep in Bed. at home, very [unwel].  
29 6
Clear. I have been very ill. Hannah did my Bakeing & other work about hous and attended to me. at home, very Sick.  
30 7
Clear. I am no better. Daugt Ballard and mrs Wiman to See me, ye Latter tarried all night. we Sent to Stearns for pills, did not [obta ]. at home, very Sick.  
31 1
Clear. mrs Wiman tarried with me till 11 O Clock. I had a Severe Fever after Shee left me. Daught Lambard Came at Evng to See I obtaind Some pills, took a portion. my pain Still Continues. at home, no better.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.