Martha Ballard's Diary, November 6 - 13, 1807

6 6
a very rainy day. I have been at home, [Sorted] apples and Cut to drie. [at home].  
7 7
Cloudy and Some rain. I have cut and Strung apples for drying. mr Ballard and Cyrus to ye Settlement. Cyrus gave me a new Snuff box. Lucy went home. at home.  
8 1
Clear Part of ye day. mr Ballard & Cyrus attended worship. Revd mr Cushman performd foren from from [sic] Hebrews 4 C 13th vers, aftn fm ye Acts. at home. 9 years Since my Dear Daugt Town Expired.  
9 2
Clear part of ye day. I have Stewd apples and knit Some, Lucy mending. at home.  
10 3
Clear part of ye day. Lucy washt. mrs Emry and Wiman made me a visit. I have knit ys Evng. at home, had Company.  
11 4
Clear part of ye day. I have been at home, Bakt. Lucy did hous wk & Some mending. I mend Cyruss Trousers. Martha was here, Sewd for me. mrs Smith, Rachel & her Babe here. at home. mrs Smith & Rachel here. I finisht futing mr Ballds hoes.  
12 5
Cloudy ye most of ye day. 3 of mr Brookss daugts here ys aftern & 2 of Capt Smiths. Lucy mended a Coverled, I finisht Towing my Stockins. at home, finisht my hoes, had Company here.  
13 6
Snowd forenn, Clear at Evng. I have been at home. Hannah Bald Supt and Spent Evng. Wilm dind here. I Cut apples to drie at Evng. mr Ballard to mr Woodwards, Bot 3 lb Chees & 2 do Butter. mrs W sent me _ lb fresh Pork. at home, Hannah here ys Evng.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.