Martha Ballard's Diary, October 25 - 31, 1807

25 1
Clear the most of ye day. mr Bald & Cyrus to meeting. mr Parker performd. Oliv left here ys morn. Heman Burr took Tea with us. at home.  
26 2
Clear. I have done my hous work, Cutt Pumpkins to drie. I went to mr Wimans, his Mother & Daugth & Son in law there. Saml looks feeble yet. at mr Wimans & Son Jonas.  
27 3
Cloudy. I Bakt and did my other work. I attended the funeral of Selas Wiman. mr [Wilborough] Delivd a discoars from St Johns Gospil 8 C 2 vers. at ye funeral of Silas wiman. mr [Wilbr] performd.  
28 4
Clear aftern. I have been at home, Cut Some apples & done other things. mr Ballard began to get his Potatoes in, finisht gathering Beens &C. at home.  
29 5
Clear part of ye day. I have done my hous work, Cutt and Strung Apples to drie. mr Ballard and Cyrus geting in potatoes. at home.  
30 6
Clear. mr Ballard went to Lecture. mrs Hodges Dind, Sist Farewel Supt and Slept here. I do not feel very wel but have to do my work. at home, friends here. Death of mr Tibbits.  
31 7
raind the night past and this day till near night whin the Sun Shone a little while. mr Ballard to mr Woodwards, bot 3_ lb Chees and 2 lb Butter. Cyrus to ye Settlemt, bot me _ lb Snuff at mr Lads. at home. Sist Farewel here ys night.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.