Martha Ballard's Diary, September 27 - October 4, 1807

[27] [1]
Cloudy. the Girls left here. mr Bald & Cyrus to meeting. mrs Hallowel and her Dagt Liddia here. mr Smith Came for me to go to Theops Hamlins. I went as far as mr Wimans, found mrs Mosier was gon on and I returnd. Gideon & Luke Barton & Sally Pierce here, took Tea with us, Jona Ballard allso. at mr Wimans & Son Jonas. had Company, SisterBartons Sons & Sally Pierce.  
[28] [2]
Clear. I have been at home, Done various kinds of work. Son Town Sleeps here. at home.  
[29] [3]
Clear. I have Cut Squash to drie and done other matters. Son Town Sleeps here. mr Ballard & Cyrus to Coart. at home.  
[30] [4]
Clear and very pleasant. mr Bald & Cyrus to Coart. Cyrus to Cumingss mill, had _ bsl Indien & Do of rie ground. at home.  
[1] [5]
Clear. I have been at home. mr Bald & Cyrus to Coart. Capt Smith mowd [lowin west of ye] hous]. at home.  
[2] [6]
Cloudy the most of ye day. I have gatherd green Peas, Beens, Cucumbers &C. mr [Balld] finishd gathering our hops & went to the Settlement, bot Pork & Sugar. Cyrus Cuting wood in ye woods. at home.  
[3] [7]
a very rainy day. I have been at home, done my hous work. Jona, Le faett & [Ramos] Pierce here. at home.  
[4] [1]
Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting. I have been at home, had String & Shel Beens & Cucumbers for Supper. Revd mr Stone Discoarst from Philipns 4 C 11th vers. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.