Martha Ballard's Diary, September 6 - 9, 1807

6 1
Clear. mr Ballard, my Self and Son Cyrus attended Bublic worship, it was Communion day. Revd mr Stone Discoarst from Galations III C 1st vers, O [foolish] &C. I went to Son Lambds find his youngest Child Sick, tarried there aftern. Doct Cony Came there after meeting and opened a Soar on the Childs face. I Came to Son Jonas, Sent for Polly Pitts to go there but Shee did not go. at meeting room. at Son Lambds aftern, their Babe Sick. Doct Cony opend a Soar on its face.  
7 2
Clear. I have done Some washing and my hous work. I gatherd a Bushel Cucumbers. Cyrus Carried Son Lambd about 100 which had been in Vinagar. at home. Cyrus to Son Lambds, the Child is Easier.  
8 3
Cloudy & rain. mr Ballard Carried 12 Dzn Cucumbers to Son Lambards. he informs me Henry is very Sick. I have done my hous work, gatherd Some Cucumbers and finisht the washing I began on Saterday. at home. hear that Magr Pages wife, [and] a Child of Thos Bond, are Deceast.  
9 4
Clear. I have done my hous work and went to meeting. it was asoceation. mr Parker only was present who Delivd a good Discoars. at meeting and Son Lambds. Funeral mr Bonds Child. 

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.