Martha Ballard's Diary, August 27 - 31, 1807

27 5
[Clear.] I have done various kinds of work in the hous and gard. mr Ballard been down to See Son Jon a twice this day. at home.  
28 6
Cloudy. this is the aniversary of ye Birth of my Daugt Town, 48 years Since. I have done my hous work and workt in my Gardin. mr Ballard went down below, Carried 2 Dzn Cucumrs & 3 Dito of pickele Dito. mrs Carter had 1 dZn & ye pickels. Dagt Lambard 1 DZn Cucumrs. at home, workt in my gardn. John Davis Esqrs infant Expired.  
29 7
Clear. I did work up and went to Son Lambds. Allin Came up with the hors and took Pickeles for his marm. Henry is playing about but his face is Swell. I went to Son Ephms at Evng, Slept there. at Son Lambds and Ephms. Son Cyrus Came home, isunwell.  
30 1
Clear. I went from my Sons to meeting, went to Son Lambds at intermition and after meeting. Jonas wife & part of her Childn there to See her Husband. Cyrus at Son Lambds at noon. at meeting from Son Ephms and at Son Lambards after,wrode up in ye Shais.  
31 2
Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus attended Funeral of Esqr Daviss infant. I sent 2 Dozn Cucumbers to Son Lambds. at home. Funeral Esqr Daviss infant Daugt

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.