Martha Ballard's Diary, May 17 - 23, 1807

17 1
Clear. mr Ballard and Cyrus to meeting. Revd mr Stone discoarst from PSalms 73C 25 vers. Son Lambd to meeting foren, his wife & I went to Son Jonas. he Came at noon, brot Lucy and left her; took his wife & Babe and went to Son Pollards. I Came home and Cookt Pork & Greens. Sally, Martha & Lucy Came home with me and took Tea. at Son Jonas, Son & Dagt Lambds, & Son Pollards. mr Ballard is 82 years old ys day.  
18 2
raind and is very Cold. mr Soal and Parker Sett 80 apple trees in the field East of ys hous. I have done my hous wk & mended Stockins, did a little in ye Gardin. mr Ballard rakt wheat in about the rocks. mr Hearlwel movd his famely ys Evng. at home. we had Apple trees Sett out from ye Nusery  
19 3
rainy part of ye day. mrs Farewel Came here forenn, Sleeps here. I have been at home, knit Some. at home, mrs Farewel Sleeps here.  
20 4
Clear but Cool. mrs Farewel left here after Breakfast, Shee and Hannah Ballard went to her hous, found 3 men viz Daniel Woodward, Wm Stone and a Son of Georg Rheeds, takeing Boards of her Barn. I have been at home, knit Some and tending my Leatch & Boiling Soap. Ephm & Wm Sleep here. at home. mrs Farewel left here.  
21 5
Clear Part of ye day. I have been at home, workt on my Soap. I went to See his babe. at home, Jonas.  
22 6
raind. I have been at home, knit Some. mrs Wiman here. Betsy after roots. Cyrus Came from [mr] Cumings & is dismist. at home.  
23 7
Clear part of the day. I have been at home. Leut John Shaw Expired. at home. Death Leut John Shaw. funeral Revd mrStones inft.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.