Martha Ballard's Diary, March 24 - 29, 1807

24 3
Clear but Cool. I have Bakt Some mins Pies and done my hous work. Saml Parkers wife here for Potatoes, had _ peck. at home.  
25 4
Snowd foren, Clear aftern. I have been at home. Son Lambard Came for Barny & Lucy, he Conducted Sally Ballard home. Jona and Ephm Sleep here. at home. Soal, Jona, Lefaett [   ] Wm Dind here.  
26 5
X. Birth James Fogs Daugt by Rachel Smith. XX.
Clear and Cold. I was Calld at 3h ys morn to See Rachel Smith who was in Labour. Shee was Safe deld of a Daugt which Shee declard James [Fog] was the Falher of. I returnd home at 2h 30m. at home till 9h ys morn. Birth 5th. June 24th recvd 6/ in part [     ].  
27 6
Clear and Cold. I have been at home. mr Trask & wife, Son Jona & his wife & Sally Pierce took Tea. A mr Smith Eat here. H.B. & H.T. & wm Ballard look Breakfast here. at home. Friends to See us.  
28 7
Clear and Cold. I have felt unwel. mr Ballard been to ye Barbers and Stores. I did ironing, washt my Black Cloak and hankerchiefs. at home. Jona & Wm Sleep here.  
29 1
Birth Saml Bralys Son.
Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus to Meeting. I was Calld to See Saml Braleys wife by Joel Savage. mountd the mare as Soon as my husband arivd from meeting. at Saml Braleyss Junr. Birth 6th. at 9h Evng, a fine Son.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.