Martha Ballard's Diary, March 8 - 14, 1807

8 1
Clear and Pleast. mr Ballard to meeting all day, Son Cyrus forn and to Son Pollards aftern. I have been at home, got my Bed into ye N. room. Cyrus Sleeps here. [at home.] mr Ballard to meeting.  
9 2
Clear till near night, Snowd before 9 and all night. mr Ballard been to Town meeting. I have done my hous work and knit, finisht futing a pair of hoes for Son Cyrus. at home. mr Ballard to Town Meeting.  
10 3
Snowd all day. I have Bakt white & brown Bread and knit Some. Jona Junr & Wm Sleep here. at home, Bakt.  
11 4
Clear. I have been at home, Cutt apples and knit Some. Wilm Sleeps here. at home.  
12 5
Clear and Cool. I have Bakt mins Pies, done my hous work. Allin Lambd Came here, informd that his Bror Wm Past 36 worms yesterday. Wilm Ballard has been unwel, has a Pain in his right knee. I bound it up & put on warm Spirit. at home.  
13 6
Clear foren, Cloudy aftern. mr Ballard went to Son Jonas to hoop a Barril. Sister Farewel Came and Sleeps here. I have done my houswork & knit Some. at home. mrs Farewel Came here.  
14 7
Clear. mr Ballard was to ye Barbers & to Son Lambards. I have been at home. mrs Farewel left here. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.