Martha Ballard's Diary, December 25, 1806 - January 3, 1807

25 5
Clear. I have washt and knitt Some. Sally helpt me. at home.  
26 6
X. Birth Son Lambd 5th Son & 7th Child. XX.
Cloudy part of the day, raind a little. I was Calld by Allin Lambd to go and See his Mother who is unwell. Shee was Safe Delivd about 6h Evn of her 5 Son which wd 12 lb. I Sett up with her all night, Shee had much Pain. at Son Lambards. Birth 12th. fee receivd by work.  
27 7
Cloudy, snowd & raind. I am at Ditoes. my dagt is as wel as Can be Expected, the infant well. I tarrie there ys night. at Ditoes.  
28 1
Cloudy and Some rain. I returnd home after noon, Cyrus here. I am very much fatagued and Laid on the Bed ye Evng. at Detoes, returnd home aftern.  
29 2
Clear part of ye day, Snowd a little. I have been kniting. Sally did ye hous wk. at home.  
30 3
Clear. I have been at home. at home.  
31 4
Clear. mr mc farlin & W. Cypher Butchered a Swine which wd 160, they killd a Sheep allso for us. I have been at home [ Son Ephm  ]. at home. our Swine was killd.  
1 5
Clear. Son Ephm made us a present of 12_ lb Beef, Son Town of a fine Goos & 2 wings; they both Sleep here. a Funeral attended from Colo Lithgos. at home. Son Town informd yt a Black girl of Colo Lithgos was Baried ys day.  
2 6
Clear. Wilm Cypher & mr Wickson got wood for us. I have been at home. at home.  
3 7
Clear. I have been at home. Son and Dagt Pollard yr Daught Sally & Dolly Came here. Hannah, Sally, Martha, Lefaett & Allin Lambd Supt here. at home, Childn here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.