Martha Ballard's Diary, December 19 - 24, 1806

19 6
Foggy last night & ys day. Wilm Cypher Cut wood foren, he finisht Cuting what was at ye door after dinner & left here. mr Tarbil Dind here. I have done hous work [&] knit Some. this day is ye anaversary of my Marriage, 52 years since. O the Scins which have past Sinc yt time. I lay museing thereon and Slept but little. at home, anaversary of my Marriage.  
20 7
Clear Part of this day. I have knit Some, Bakt and done other matters. A mr Kidder from Hamden Came here on business with mr Ballard at 2h pm for which he receivd 20 Dollars. he dind here. Son Jona took Supper here. at home. mr Kidder here on Business with mr Ballard.  
21 1
Clear and pleast for Decemr. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting, my Self and the girls at home. Meriah Heartwel brot llb _ meet home, there is 1 lb still due. Revd mr Stone Discoarst foren fm Numbers 23 C, 10 vers; aftern fm Psalms 62nt, 8th vers. at home.  
22 2
Clear till aftern, Snowd at Evng. Son Lambard Came for me to go to his hous, Conducted me and his Daugt Lucy there. my Daugt is not very wel but Shee Cutt out a gound & Skirt for me and part made them. I am there ["ys night" - implied]. at Son Lambards. Capt Haman Expired ys night.  
23 3
Cloudy. Son L. Went to Magr Grants on business, returnd at Evng. I am there this night, my Dagt finished my Cloaths. at Ditoes.  
24 4
Clear. I left Son Lambds after Diner & returned home. Allin has been to Magr Grands & Conducted me home. at [Diloes] & Came home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.