Martha Ballard's Diary, November 24 - 29, 1806

24 2
Cloudy. mr Ballard went to Son Pollards to See about giting his Cloaths made. I have been doing matters about hous. at home.  
25 3
Clear. I have done various kinds of work. mr Ballard to Son Pollards to Carry his Cloaths to be made, and to mr Bonds for Linings &C. Wilm Ballard Sleeps here. at home. mr Soal brot us a load of wood.  
26 4
Cloudy and Chilly. I have got in feuel, done hous work & some mending for Son Cyrus &C. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas part of ye day. at home.  
27 5
Saml was 19 months, 8 days & 3 hours old when he Expired.
Clear and Beautiful weather. Son Cyrus Came home, took Breakfast. his Father & he went to meeting, it is a day of Thanksgiving. Allin Lambd Came here, informd [me] his Marm is very unwel and wisht me to go and See her. Wilm Ballard Came for Safron, Says Saml is very Sick. mr Ballard Dind at Son [Lambds]. at Son Lambards. my daugt is very unwel. mr Swanton & wife Supt there & Spent ye Evning.  
28 6
Clear. at Son Lambds. my Daugt had Severe Pain in her Side & Limbs ys morn. Luke Barton Came and informd us that Saml Ballard Expired at 5h ys morn. I left Son Lbds and Came to Son Jonas where I tarried till near Sun Sett. may the God of mercy Sanctyfy his Chastisements for our Ever lasting good. at Detoes & at Son Jonas. his Dear little Sammuel Expired at 5h ys morn. Hannah is very unwel.  
29 7
Death Jason Pierces Son.
Cloudy & Some rain. I have washt some and done my hous work. Son Ephm here, Cyrus Came home. mr Ballard went to mr Slones to request him to attend the funral of Son Jonas [Child] tomorrow. at home. Sons Cyrus & Ephm [                          ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.