Martha Ballard's Diary, November 16 - 23, 1806

[16] 1
Snowd all day. Cyrus Came here, tarried at home with me. mr Ballard went to meeting. I was Concerned about his giting home. Cyrus went allmost to mr Smiths, Saw him on his way home and returnd. Son Jona here. a Stranger Preacht. we began to milk a Cow of Son Jonas. at home.  
17 2
Snowd all day [&] windy. I have been at home, paird & Cut apples to make Sause. at home. mr Ballard to Parish meeting.  
18 3
Clear part of ye day but Cold and windy. mr Ballard went about a road by mr Hainses. Judg Coney paid him 6/ for his Service. at home.  
19 4
Cloudy the most of ye day. I have been very unwel but have made two Pots of apple Sause. we removd our Bed into the kitchen. at home, feel Some [better] than I did [ys]morn.  
20 5
Clear and pleasant. through Gods mercy I am So much Comfortable that [I] have done a larg washing. mr Ballard Seemed very decreped this morn but he went to Son Jonas to Sett [hoops] on a Cask, Came home, Dind, and went and finished. I have brot 14 pails of water. at home, have Done a larg wash.  
21 6
Cloudy, Snowd aftern. Warn Stones wife here, had 3 pecks apples. Hannah Pollard Came here at noon, Hanh Ballard & Sally allso, they Dind. H. P. tarried allnight. mr Ballard went to mr Cyphers for a quarter of Beef, it wd [no entry] lb. he went and Setled with mrs Farewel for the Cow we took of her last year. at home.  
22 7
Clear the most of the day. H. Pollard went to Son Jonas after breakfast. I have Bakt and Done Some more washing and ironed part of my Cloaths. at home. mrs Heartwel Calld in here, Sabry Getchel allso.  
23 1
Clear. Son Cyrus Came here, his Father and he went to meeting. Revd mr Stone [Discoarsts] from John [16] C, 3d vers. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.