Martha Ballard's Diary, November 9 - 15, 1806

9 1
Clear & Cloudy alternately. mr Ballard & Cyrus attended worship. I have been at home. Revd mr Cushman Presided, he Discoarsed foren from Luke 23 C, 12th verse; aftern fm Galatns 6 C, 9 v. mrs Gillbd & Nabby Holms here, Betsy Pierce & Sally Ballard allso. Luke Barton & Jona B Junr here. at home. mrs Gilbard [&] Nabby Holms here.  
10 2
X. Birth Asa Masons 8 Child. XX.
Clear and very windy. I have Cut Pumkin to drie. I was Calld at 7h 45m to go and See the wife of Asa Mason. Saml Hovy attended me. the Patient Delivd of her 4th Daugt & 8th Child at 9 and is Cleverly. I tarried till morning and returnd home, his son Came with me. at Asa Masons. Birth 10th. fee receivd by Spining. 
11 3
Clear and pleast. I came home, did my work and Cut Pumkin to drie. Hannah Pollard, H., S., & Mta & Wm Ballard Dind here. the Girls tooks Tea, Genny Cottle allso. at Ditoes, returnd home at [  ].  
12 4
Cloudy, raind at Evng. I have Cut Squash [&] Pumkin ti drie. A mr Linsey and Georg Andrews here. at home. funeral of Old Lady Fairbanks of Winthrop.  
13 5
Clear. I have Sorted my apples and put them into ye Seller. mr Ballard went to mr Saml Cuminges, bot a Chees, wd [no entry]. at home. mr Ballard to mr Saml Cumingss
14 6
Clear. I have done hous work, Cut apples and Some other matters. Capt William Pullin and wife Sleep here, they have been to the funeral of her Mother. at home. Capt Pullin & wife Sleep here.  
15 7
Clear. Capt Pullin and Lady left here after Breakfast home ward bound. I have been doing hous wk, raiking & Piequing Chips &C. mr Ballard been to ye Barbers. at home. Capt Pullin & Lady left here for home. Jason Pierce [   ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.