Martha Ballard's Diary, October 12 - 18, 1806

12 1
raind aftern. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting. mr Stone Discoarst foren from Mark X, 49; aftern fm Romans XIII, 12v. Silas Wiman, James Purington & Jona Ballard Junr took Tea with us. at home. gathered green Shell Beens, had them for Dinner.  
13 2
a very rainy Day. I have done hous work, regulated my Chests & drawers, Cutt Some Pumkin to drie. mrs Gilbard Came and took my Black Cloak home. Shee mended it to my accepttance and brot it home. her Demand was 1 s, I gave her 1-6. Esqr Tylor & mr [Hirick] here on business about Sertificates. they gave mr Ballard 9s for his Service. at home. Esqr Tulor & mr [Herric] here from Hamden.  
14 3
Clear. I did my hous work and went to Son Lambards in order to go & See Sister Barton tomorrow. at Son Lambards.  
15 4
Clear. Old Lady Hamlin, Dagt Pollard & Jona Ballard Junr Came to Son Lambds. they, my Self & Dagt Lambd took our Departure fm there at 10h morn, arived at my Sisters about 3 aft. we find them in Comfortable Circumstances. at Ditoes, Benn Browns & Sister Bartons.  
16 5
Clear. we all Sett out for home, Came to Son Lambds. mrs Hamlin & Jona went home. Dagt Pollard & I tarried all night. I feel very much fatagued. at Ditoes.  
17 6
Clear. Dagt Pollard & I left Son Lambds. Came to my home, find mrs Farewel and Sister Williams here. we took dinner. Son Pollard Came & Conducted his wife home. I was Seesed with the Collic in the night. Sister W. attended me. at Son Lambds & Came home. Sist Williams here.  
18 7
Clear. Sister Willms left here after Breakfast. I have been very sick. mrs Farewel tarried with me and did my work. mr Ballard got me a Box Andersons Pills. I took 2 at night. at home, very Sick.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.