Martha Ballard's Diary, September 4 - 9, 1806

4 5
rainy. I have piqut up apples & Plumbs which ye wind blew of yesterday. mr Ballard been down to ye Settlement, had ye mare Shod &C. Dagt Ballard & Wm Dind here. Polly Town here. at home. Dagt Ballard Dind here, Wm allso.  
5 6
Cloudy foren, the Sun Shone part of ye aftern. mr Ballard been to do Surveying for Stepn Page. Polly did part of my hous work & went to Son Jon as. I have been washing. at home, have done Some washing.  
6 7
raind part of ye day. I have finisht my washing, feel a Collic pain aftern. mr Ballard been to the Barbers. at home.  
7 1
Clear. Son Cyrus Came home, his Father and he went to meeting. Cyrus Came home at intermition and went to Son Pollards aftern. I have worried with the Collic all day. Polly Town Came at Evng & took Care of me. I had but little rest this night. at home, had the Collic.  
8 2
Clear. Polly has been here ys day. Hannah Pollard, Sally & Martha Balld, Allin & Barny Lambd & wilm Swanton Dind. Dagt Lambd & mrss Swanton took Tea with us. Jason Pierce Carried all my husbands hay from the Barn. Dagt L. brot me 10lb flower. at home, feel the Collic. Dagt Lambd & mrs Swanlon here.  
9 3
Clear. I have had the Collic pain this day. Polly Town Bakt for me. Hannah Pollard, Sally, Martha and Saml Ballard Dind. Dagts Ballard, mrs Thwing, her Son, & 4 Grand Childn of Son Jonas, Polly Town, a mr Miller & Philbrooks from Hamden took Tea here. I have Scolt my Peckeles this Day. at home, had Company.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.