Martha Ballard's Diary, July 24 - 29, 1806

24 5
Clear. Patty Town washt for me. mrss Heartwel Calld over for Some one to run, for Gilbd had allmost killd his wife. I went but did not find any one killd or hurt with any thing but Spirit which is oftne the ye Case there. Son Jona, his wife, A mr Pollard & his here. Luke Barton Came and got Cherrys & Curents. Patty went to watch with Marta Purington. at Gilbards to hear quariling.  
25 6
Clear. Patty finisht my wash. I have felt very feeble. Old mr Hamlin, his wife & mrs Dilingham took Tea here. mrs Howards made and mr Fullers here for Cherrys & Curenls. at home, had compy. Old mrs Hamlin gave me a Cap.  
26 7
Clear and warm. I have been at home. Old Lady Dilingham & 2 grand sons, Epm Leighton & wife, Amos Partridg and wife here for Cherrys. Patty Town went from here to Son Ephms. Oliv Fletcher here, Shee took 1_ facktory filling yn to Carry to Dagt Pollard. at home, had Compy  
27 1
Clear part of ye Day, raind after meeting. Augustus Ballard, his wife & 2nd Daugt took Tea. Son & Daugt Lambd and hemon Bur took Tea and Sleep here. Son L. has been to son Pollards, Dolly is unwell. at home. mr Parker Performed. Son Lambd & wife Sleep here.  
28 2
raind the most of ys day. Son Lambd Sleeps here, his wife has mended Cloaths for me and fixl my Bonet &C. we hear yt Martha is no better. at home. Son & Dagt Lambd Sleep here.  
29 3
rainy. Son & Dt Lambd Sett out after Breakfast for home. mrs Wiman here to Tea. we hear that M. Purington is near ye Close of life. at home. my Childn left here, mrs Wiman Came aftn

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.