Martha Ballard's Diary, July 19 - 23, 1806

19 7
Cloudy forenn. Dagt Pollard Came here. A rainy aftn. mr Ballard been to See mr Dinglys Ship Launched, it is namd ye Three Brothers. I have Cleand my Seller and Done Some mending & hous work. A young man by ye name of Soal, who works for Son Jona, Sleeps here. at home. Daugt Pollard here, Shee workt for me mending &C. Funeral Bunkers Child.  
20 1
Clear. Son Cyrus Came and tarried here. we Bakt Lamb & Rice Pudings for Dinner. he, Sonss Jona, Ephm & wives, Dagt Pollard, Sally Farewel & M. Edes, S. & M. [and] Saml B. Partook with us. mr Ballard to meeting. at home. Childn here. I am informd of a Child Drowned at Watervil.  
21 2
Clear. I have done hous work and weed Gardin. mrs Gilbd here, mend a pair hoes for Son Cyrus, Swept my rooms. Calvin Marshal Edsons wife here for Cherrys. Capt Conys & James Howards wives & John Whitwel took Tea here, and got fruit. at home. workt Some in My Gardin, had Company.  
22 3
Birth Stilsons Daugt.
Clear. I have workt in my Gardin & Done my hous wk, Bakt tarts. Allin Lambd here, Says his folks are wel as usual. Patty Town Came at Evng, all well at her Fathers. I was [Calld by] mr Stilson to go and See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld about midnight of a Daughtr, her first Born. I went with Old Lady Hamlin at 2h 30m to Theops Hamlins, Slept till morn. at mr Stilsons. Birth 3d.Patty Town Came here at Evng.  
23 4
Clear. I took Breakfast at mr Hamlins. Calld in to See my patient, find her as well as Could be Expected. was Conducted home in a Shais, arivd at 8h 30m. Pally Town & I went to Son Jonas to. I saw M. [Puringtons] wounds Dresst. Sally Farewel, mr [&] mrss Eadses here for fruit. at Ditoes & mr Hamlins & Son Jonas. James P. & his Cousin Sleep here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.