Martha Ballard's Diary, April 26 - May 4, 1806

26 7
Clear forn, Cloudy aftn. I have been So well as to Bake bn and flower bread, Churnd 2 pounds Butter and bt a Cheese, but with great defuculty. Betsy Andrus Came in aftern, Shee kindly assisted me while Shee was here or I Could not have got thro my work. I had 2 lb Butter. Son Jonas youngest Child is Sick. my Dagt has not been to See me. Le faett & Martha here to day. at home, feel much better thro Gods Goodness. Son Ephm here. Funeral James Savages wife.  
27 1
Snowd the most of ye day. mr Ballard and Cyrus to meeting. I have had to fix things for my husband, he Expects to go to Winslow tomorrow. Revd mr Parker Performd this day, he Discoarsed foren from [no entry], aftn fm [no entry]. at home. mr Parker preacht in our [place] of worship.  
28 2
Clear. mr Ballard went to winslow. I have been at home. Betsy Andrews Came to help me, brot her Child, we washt. at home. nr Balld to winslow.  
29 3
Clear. I have been at home makeing Soap. at home.  
30 4
Clear. I have been at home boiling soap. at home.  
1 5
Clear part of ye day. Betsy went from here at 10h morn to go to meeting at Hallowell. mr Ballard returnd, all well at Son Towns & Lambards. Old mr Spring not like to liv, if living when he Came fm Towns. at home. mr Ballard returnd. I Brewd.  
2 6
Clear and Cool. I have been at home. Betsy Came again to help me. mr Ballard to Lecture. at home.  
3 7
Clear. Betsy washt my N. room & kitchen. mr Ballard been to the Settlement, bot 3 lb Pork, _ gn Spirit, pint brandy, _ Snuff. wilm Cypher here at Evning, mr Ballard Paid him one Dollar. Betsy went home. Peter Wiman & James Purington here for Bm Giliad, apple trees & Curent Bushes. at home.  
4 1
Clear. mr Ballard to meeting, it was Communion day. I was not able to attend. I went to See mrs Heartwels Child that is unwel. Elijah & Luke Barton, Allin Lambd, Jona & Ephm Ballard Supt here. Sally, Marla & Hannah Dind here. at mr Heartwels to See a [Sick] Child.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.