Martha Ballard's Diary, April 17 - 25, 1806

17 5
Clear morn. raind, Snowd and haild aftern. mrs Farewel, Son Jona & wife took Tea here. mrs F. Sleeps here. I have been mending my Cloaths. at home. mrs Farewl Sleeps here.  
18 6
Clear and pleast morn. mrs Farewel & my Self went to Son Jonas. mr Balld been to ye Settlement. Came there and we all took Dinner there. mrs Wiman & Smith to Tea with us there. mrss F. Came home with me and Sleeps here. at Son Jon as
19 7
Snowd. mrs Farewel went to Son Jonas before noone. Son Cyrus Came home aftern & Butchered our Calf. I part Cleand ye head & feet. I finisht makeing a Coat for my Self. Saml Ballard is one year Old ys day. at home. mrs Farewel went to my sons.  
20 1
Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting. I have Cookt ye head & harslet of ye Veal. Son Jona, his wife and 3 Childn partook with us, Luke Barton allso. he Came for & had a Loin of Veal for Son Ephm. Revd mr Stone Discoarst foren from Proverbs 16 C 3 V, aftern fm Daniel 3d C 12 vers. at home. Son Jona & wife Dind here. I receivd a Letter of march 7 fm Bror Collins Moore.  
21 2
Clear and warmer. I have been at home, Cleand my Buttery. mr Ballard to Parish meeting. I am very much falagued ys night. at home.  
22 3
Cloudy, raind Some. I have made a Small Chees, finisht Banding an under Coat & Done other Matters. do not feel So wel as usual. mr Wiman here, got timber. at home, unwel.  
23 4
Clear. I have been very unwel ys day and night. mrs Heartwel Came in to See me. at home, very unwel.  
24 5
I recvd a letter from Bror Collins [9th inst].
Clear. I am very Sick indead. mrs H in to See me. mrs Wiman Came, spent the day and night with me. I have been Easier ys night for which mercy I wish to prais the auther of thal and all ye mercies I receiv. at home, very Sick and Exercised with much Pain.  
25 6
Clear. I feel Some more Comfortable. mrs Wiman left me before noon. mrs Smith & Gilbard here aftern, made Tea. I drank 2 Cups, the first food I have taken in 48 hours. at home, very unwel but Easier then I was.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.