Martha Ballard's Diary, March 8 - 12, 1806

8 7
Clear and Cold. mrs Farewel Came in to See me, Shee Slept at Son Jonas last night. mrs Heartwel been here. Jonas Boys and Some others killd a Dear this day. I have been mending hoes for mr Ballard and Cyrus. hear Capt Slone is very low. mr Ballard been to Son Lambds, Willm is Some better. Allin is gone to Bath to School. at home. mr Ballard Bot A Cod fish.  
9 1
Clear and cold. mr Ballard to Meeting. Cyrus Came home. Son Lambard Conducted his wife & Babe & Rachel Capin, here and left them. they Sleep here. I am informd that Capt Stone Expired ys day. mrs Heartwel was here. at home. Dagt Lambd & Rachel Capin Sleep here. Death Capt Stone.  
10 2
Clear and not So Cold. Dagt Lambd and Rachel Capin left here after Breakfast for to go to Son Pollards. mr Ballard to Town meeting. I have been at home alone, began a mitn for my husband ys aftern, knit it all but the thumb by 11h Evng. at home. Dagt Lambd left here.  
11 3
Clear foren, Cloudy aftern. mrs Heartwel here to return Some things Shee had Borrowed. I have finisht kniting my husbands mitts. he has been to mr Stones to desire him to attend the Funeral of Capt Stone tomorrow, and to Son Lambds. brot home _ Bushel wheat, do of rie, which Elijah Barton left as a present for us. at home. we recvd _ bsl wheat, do of rie, as a prest from Sist Bartons Sons.  
12 4
Snowd in ye morn, raind at Evng. Le faett Ballard Came and Conductd Me to the funeral of Capt Stone. the Revd mr Stone made a very able prayer on the ocation. there were a larg number attended to pay their last tribute of kindnes. at the hous from which ye remains ofCapn Stone was Conveyed for interment.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.