Martha Ballard's Diary, January 9 - 19, 1806

[9] 5
Snowd all day and Evn till about 9. Dagt Lambard went to Son Jonas aftern, mrs Gill about noon. I have been at home, knit at Evng. Cleard off about 9h Evng. at home.  
10 6
Clear. I have washt. Son Lambard Came for his wife & Babe, they were at Son Jonas. he went there and Conducted ym home, mrs Gill allso. Cyrus been to the Settlement, brot _ gn Spirrit and Sugar home. mr Dunpha brot me a Broom. I paid him in apples. at home, washt.  
11 7
Clear. I have been at home, did hous wk and mended mittins. Luke Barton here, he is gon to See his Mother & Brothers. at home.  
12 1
Clear. mr Ballard and Cyrus to meeting. I was at home. at home.  
13 2
Clear part of ye day, Cloudy at night. mr Ballard been to the meddow. I roasted a piece of Beef for Dinner. have Sorted my apples, Cut those that were roting & put the rest in to ye Seller; have 1_ Bushels. at home.  
14 3
A Severe Storm of Snow, wind NE. I have done my hous work and Stued my apple. at home.  
15 4
Cloudy the most of ye day and very Cold. Cyrus went to ye Stores for Some necessaries. I have done my hous work, Cleand Snow out of the Chamber and mend Legins for mr Ballard. we were informd of ye Death of Solon Cumings. at home.  
16 5
Clear and Cold. mr Smith hauld us two Load wood. I have Done my hous work & washt. at home.  
17 6
Clear and very Cold. I have been at home, mr Ballard to son Lambards. at home.  
18 7
Clear & Cold. I have been at home. at home.  
19 1
Clear and Cold till about 3h pm when it became Cloudy & more moderale. mr Ballard to meeting, Cyrus & I at home. Saml Ballard is 9 months old ys day. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.