Martha Ballard's Diary, December 19 - 28, 1805

19 5
Clear. I have been at home, done hous work. Ezra went from here after breakfast. it is 51 years ys day Since my mariage. [             ]  
20 6
raind part of the day, Clear before night. I have Bakt mins Pies and done my other work. mr Ballard workt at Jonas. [           ]  
21 7
Clear. I have been at home, Done my hous work and Some mending. mr Ballard and Cyrus been to be Shaved. this is ye aniversary of ye birth [Th] Pollard. [         ]  
22 1
Clear part of ye day, a little faling frozen raine aftern. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting. I have been at home, paired Some apples at Evng. Revd mr Stone Discoart fm Ephesions 8 C 14 verse. [          ]  
23 2
Clear and Some Cooler, it freeses this night. I have been at home, done my hous work and Twisted 16_ knots yarn. mr Ballard been fixing a plalform at the East doar. H. & Sally Ballard & mr Harlwels Childn here. Son Jona ptanled apple Seeds west End of the Barn. [          ]  
24 3
Cloudy, Snowd about noon. mr Ballard been down to the Court hous. Cyrus to Son Lambards. he Carried 3 lb hops and my Dagt Sent me 3_ oz Sinamon. it is a Stormy night. mr Cleford Sumaned me lo Coart. [          ]  
25 4
Clear and windy. I went to Son Ephms Expecting to be at Coart but was not [Cald] tarry all night. mrs Brown [there]. [           ]  
26 5
Clear. mrs Brown was dismist, went home. I tarrie this night allso.   
27 6
Clear. I Came home aftern.   
28 7
Clear part of ye Day. I have [Bakt] mins and apple pies. a mr Weber Slept here last night. he had lost a Sartificate and Came for an other. mr Ballard gave it [  ].   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.