Martha Ballard's Diary, August 29 - September 7, 1805

29 5
Clear. I have been at home. at home.  
30 6
Clear. mr Ballard & I attended the Preparitory Lecture, few attended. mrs Pollard [watkt] to mr Heaths. at Lecture, mr Blacks & Heaths.  
31 7
Clear. I have been at home very unwell. mr Gray Dind here. My Grand Sons Jona & William accompanied him to Sidney. at home. Parson Grey Dind with Jon a
1 1
Clear. mr Ballard and I attended Divine Service, it is Communion day. Revd mr Stone Discoarst forenn from Thesns V C 7 & 8 Vs. mr Grey Sleeps here. he maid a Prayer in my Sons famely. Nabby been to Son Pollards. at meeting. Communion. this is the aneversary of Son Lambards Birth.  
2 2
Clear and warm. I have done part of my washing. Parson Grey left here aftr Breakfast. at home.  
3 3
Clear and warm. I persued my wash. mr Bullin & wife Dind took Tea here, informd me yt A. Goodins Childn wr Sick. at home. mr Bullin & wife here.  
4 4
Clear. I finisht my wash, was Calld to See Wilm Lambd who is very Sick. he has ye Chickin Pox Rash & Canker. mr Ballard Came there & tarried all night. at Son Lambds. William Sick.  
5 5
Clear. I am at Ditoes, ye Child is no better. mr Ballard went home. at Ditoes.  
6 6
Clear and warm. the Child Seems Some better. I tarrie there ys night. Allin went to Brunswick. at Ditoes. Wm better.  
7 7
Clear. I am with my Childn. the Child is much better. my Dagt quite fatagued. Allin returnd from Brunsick, arivd at home between 3 & 4h Pm. mr Lambd Conducted me home. Parson Grey Calld here. at Ditoes. Allin returnd from Brunswick. Wm is Better. I Came home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.