Martha Ballard's Diary, May 6 - 11, 1805

6 2
Clear and windy. I have workt in ye Door yard, wed part of my Curent Bushes and Put doore manure about them. A Lad by who lived with mr Crage, by the name of Abrm Durfy was Drownd near ye Kenebeck Bridg, 4 men at Conie falls yesterday and 4 at or near New Meddows lately. at home. hear of a number of persons being Drowned lately.  
7 3
Clear. Oliver Hall workt for Son Jon a. mrs Gilberd & Betsy Andrus with their Babes here to Tea. 2 Ladys Calld in to See mrs Gilbd. mr Patridg here to See my Son. O that he would make A Settlement with his Dear Father with out A Law Sute. the Boys have been to Training. at home. mr Patridg here on business with Son Jona
8 4
Clear. I have washt and part Cleand my Seller & workt Some in the Door yd. mrs Pierce Bakt here, took Tea with us. Shee paid me 1 Dollar and had 4 Bushl of Potatoes. at home. mrs Pierce here.  
9 5
a rainy day. I have been at home, Sewd Coverled raggs and knit and Cleard Some of the manure from under the out hous. mrs Pierce took Tea here. John Pierce & Jona Ballard gone to mr Trasks for hay. I sent gardin Seeds to Dagt Pollard. at home. mrs Pierce here.  
10 6
Clear. I workt in gardin forenn, planted Pumpkins & Squash and went to mr Moodys aftern to See about his Dresing my Cloath. I walkt to mr Andruses, he was So kind as to let me have a hors to wride down and from his [ house] home. I took Tea at his hous. at mr Moodys & Andruss.mrs Pierce and 2 Childn Dind here.  
11 7
Cloudy. I Sett out to go to Son Ephms. it raind before got to mr Thwings. I went in and tarried all night. at mr Thwings all night.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.