Martha Ballard's Diary, April 8 - 16, 1805

8 2
Birth Anty Brackets 5th Son.
Cloudy. I was Calld ys aftern by mr A. Bracket to go and See his wife. Shee was Safe Deld 5h pm of her 5th Son and 6th Child. I tarried all night, mrs Springer allso. Polly Bolton there to Nurs her aunt. at Anty Brackets. Birth 3d. funeral Capt Jasn Conys infant.  
9 3
raind all day. I returnd from mr Brackets, left his wife and infant as wel as Could be Expected. Dagt Ballard went to mr Pierces. at Ditoes.  
10 4
raind. I have been at home, knit Some. at home.  
11 5
Cloudy and Some Showers. Son Lambd and mr Swanton, their wives & Babes and Dolly Lambd here. Dolly Sleeps here. we Bakt apple and Pumpkin pies. at home. Son and Dagt Lbd here. Son Jona gone to winslow.  
12 6
Clear Part of the day. I have washt and knit. Son Ephm & Heman Bur here at Evng. at home.  
13 7
Clear. I have been doing work about hous. Bakt Brown & flower Bread, Pumpkin pies. Fanny B. Murfy and Allin Lambd Came here. Allin Sleeps here. Dolly went home with Fanny, [Ty Hill] here. Jona returnd from Sebastacook. at home. Fanny B. Murfy here.  
14 1
Clear and pleast. I have felt very unwel but have had the nois of [ ] Childn out of 5 famely to Bear, some fighting, Some playing and not a little Profannity has been performd. my Son and his wife have Spent A Part of ye day at Jason Pierces. at home.  
15 2
Clear. I have been kniting. Oliv Fletcher Came to work for Son Jona. mr Coal brot me 21 yds Cloth which his wife spun and got wove for me. I paid him 2 Dollars and Dagt Pollard had Sent her Dito before. at home. Oliv Came here. mr Coal brot my Cloath home.  
16 3
Clear. Oliv went from here to her Fathers. Sally Pierce Came to work for her aunt. I have felt unwel but knit a little. mrs Pierce took Tea here. Old mr Hamlin Calld here. at home. Sally Pierce Came here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.