Martha Ballard's Diary, March 24 - 31, 1805

24 1
Clear. I have been at home. Sally Farewel Came here, informs that Son Ephms wife is very unwel and that Lemuel went away this morning between Day & Sun rise, unbeknowen to any of the family. at home. Sally Farewel here.  
25 2
Clear till Evng. I have washt a fue things and ironed them. I do not feel so wel as I could wish ys Evng. at home. we hear that mrs Babcock is very Sick. 
26 3
Cloudy and moderate. I have not been very well, done but little work. Luke Barton and Hannah Trask Sleep here. EbenZ T. Supt here, he Sleeps at Jason Pierces. mrs Pierce Dind here. we hear mrs Babcock is Better. at home. Luke Barton here.  
27 4
Clear part of ys Day. mrs Pierce spun on my wheall, Dind & took Tea here. Luke & EbenZ Sleepe here this night. I have Cleand my Chamber, removd part of ye Banking fm ye house &C. at home, removd Banking from the hous.  
28 5
Clear and warm indeed for march. I have removd banking fm ye hous and knit Some. mrs Pierce here washing for Jonas wife. mr Pierce Butchered a Calf for my Son. he Dind and took Tea here. Ebn Trask & Luke Barton took Breakfast. Hannah T. spent ye Day & Sleeps here. at home, removd Banking fm ye house.  
29 6
Clear and very pleast. I have removd some Banking, Cleand ye door yd, knit some & part mended my winter gound. at home. H. Trask Sleeps here.  
30 7
Clear. mrs Farewel & son Ephm Dind here. my Son has Seen 26 years this Day. I have mended my Winter gound. at home. Son Ephms Birth Day.  
31 1
raind. I have felt unwel. mrs Farewel is with us. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.