Martha Ballard's Diary, March 16 - 23, 1805

16 7
Cloudy. mrs Pierce Sent for me to See Henry. mr Trask, Son Jona & Townsend and wives took Tea there. Trask & wife Sleep here. Lemuel here, had 2 Bsl potatoes. at mr Pierces.  
17 1
Clear. those mentioned above Dind here this day and went on for their homes. Aaron Foster left here and went to Saunders. at home. mrs Cleark Expired last night.  
18 2
Clear and Cloudy alternately. we had Some Thunder and a light Shower. A mr Smith of Faett Came aftr mr Ballards Compas. I Sent his Coat which I have mended by him. Isaac Robinson and Asa Peirs Sleep here. I have done my washing, am told yt ye Remains of mrss Cleark are interd at 1h Pm ys aftern. at home. funeral of mrs Cleark.  
19 3
Cloudy part of the day and warm. I have finisht mending a waist coat for Son Cyrus and finisht my mitts. A man Came here to Botton Chairs for Jona, he Did 4 in ye whole. at home. little Ephm [fel] into ye river.  
20 4
Cloudy and raind Some. I have been Mending Old Garments for my Husband and Son Cyrus. Sent a waist Coat to Son Pollards for Cyrus. at home.  
21 5
Cloudy & misty. I have been minding old garments, finisht a waistcoat of my husbands. mr Pierce & wife Dind. Shee has been spining Cottne on my wheall. at home.  
22 6
Clear and freesing weather. I have finisht mending a Coat for Son Cyrus. mr Pierce and wife took Tea here. at home.  
23 7
Clear. I have been riping old Garments and washt some. I washt my roome. mrs Pierce here to Tea. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.