Martha Ballard's Diary, January 19 - 27, 1805

19 7
Cloudy. the famely that Slept here Sett out at noon. son Lambd went to Hallowell, brot Dolly from Son Ephms. Sist Moore and mrs Johnston Calld here. I slipt at ye door and lambd my Self, Son Lambd Calld doct Winship to See me. at Ditoes.  
20 1
Clear. the Doct went home, mr Lambd and Allin to meeting. wido Savage, Daniel & wife, mr Dingly & his, here to See me. Son Ephm Came at intermition. at Ditoes, very Lambe.  
21 2
Snowd. I am not able to walk. knit a little. at Diloes.  
22 3
Clear and Cold. I am at Son Lambds, have bore Some of my wait on my lambe foot. at Ditoes.  
23 4
Clear. Doct Wenship Came and Sett a Broken Bone in my foot and I walkt some about house. Son an Dagt Pollard Came here. at Detoes. had a bone Sett in my foot.  
24 5
Clear part of ye Day. I Saw 13tn of my Grand childn at son Lambds. Son and Dagt Pollard Dine there, Shee tarries this night allso. at Ditoes.  
25 6
raind but Dagt Pollard Sett out for home. mr Lambard Conducted her. Rhoda and babe to John Heaths. at Ditoes. 
26 7
Clear part of ye Day. I went from Son Lambds to Ephms and dind with my husband. Dagt Pollard gave me 3/ to git Brandy to bath my foot. Lemuel brot me home, made me a fire. I have been very ill ys night. at Ditoes, Son Ephms & at home.  
27 1
Snowed. I am at home very ill with pain in my head & Back. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.