Martha Ballard's Diary, January 7 - 18, 1805

7 2
Clear. Lefaett Conducted me to son Ephms, the Jail & to Son Lambds. mrs Coner at ye latters. at sons Ephms and Lambds.  
8 3
Clear. I am at son Lambds, he and wife to Hallowell. at son Lambds.  
9 4
Snowd. at Detoes. they had a great deal of Compy. my Dagt and mrs Coner washt. at Detoes.  
10 5
Clear. Son & Dagt Lambd to mr Gills. at Ditoes . 
11 6
Cloudy part of ye Day. a mrs Emerson from [Dery] field had fitts here this night. Doct Winship was Calld to her asistance. we were up with her ye most of ye night. at Dito . 
12 7
Clear and cold. the sick patient was very ill till near night. the Doct tarried till 2h pm. Shee Seems much better this [Evning]. at Ditoes.  
13 1
Clear. mrs Emerson Seems better. I went to meeting aftern. mr Stone Discoarsed from Luke 6th 47 & 48. Son Lambd Conducted his wife to Son Ephms at Evng. at meeting aftn.  
14 2
clear and cold. mr Emerson Set out with his wife. I am at Son Lambds, he and wife to mr Capins at Evng. at Son Lambds.  
15 3
Clear and Cold. I went to son Ephms & to mr Patridges. Dolly Lambd to School. at Ephms.  
16 4
Clear and very Cold. my husband and I at Ephms. son [Ephms].  
17 5
Clear and Cold. my husband and I at Ditoes. I had a very ill turn ys morn, lay in bed till [noon]. at Ditos.  
18 6
Clear morn. I Came to Son Lambds. it raind before and all night, they had 14 Lodgers. [at Ditos].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.