Martha Ballard's Diary, December 13 - 22, 1804

13 5
Clear and Cold. mr Thomson brot me wood, _ Cord & Cut it and I brot it into ye hous. mrs Farewel has been to mr Pains, Shee walkt. at home.  
14 6
Clear. mrs Farewel and I washt. mrs Nason Calld here. I Bakt me Indien Cake, the first Bread I have had in my hous this weak. at home. mrs Nason here.  
15 7
Cloudy all day, haild & snowd at night. I have been mending my Cloaths. mrs Farewel up to Wm Stones. at home, and Corked my Seller with hay.  
16 1
Cloudy. I have again Bankt my hous with Snow for ye 3d time this winter. I feel almost Sick. at home.  
17 2
Clear and Cold. I have been very unwel this day. mrs Farewel to Son Jonas. at home.  
18 3
Clear. Lemuel here, informd me my husband had lambd his foot. I killd 3 hens ys Evng. at home.  
19 4
Clear and Cold. this is 50 years Since I became a hous keeper. I went to ye Jail to see my husband, he has Lambd his foot. at the Jail to see my Husband.  
20 5
Clear. mrs Farewel and I went to son Ephms, my husband met me there. he Exprest a wish for me to keep possision of this hous at present. at Son Ephms.  
21 6
Birth Son Pollards 3d Son.
Clear. I was Calld in hast to Son Pollards, arivd at 1h pm. find his wife Safe Deld by Old mrs Savage of her 3d son & 7th Child and [as] wel as Could be Expected. Child wd 11_ lb. at Son Pollards. Birth 11th.  
22 7
Clear. I have been at Son Pollards, my Dagt Cleverly. Olliv Fletcher Came to Nurs her. at [Do].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.