Martha Ballard's Diary, November 20 - 30, 1804

20 3
Clear. I have sorted apples and measured my Corn, had 15 Bushel Ears. at home.  
21 4
Birth Son Lambards 4th Son.
Clear. I have washt. Sally removd into my North room. Doct Cony to See her. I was Calld at Evn to Dagt Lambard, Shee was Safe Deld at 11h Evn of her 4th son & 6th Child. it wd 12_lb. Shee is Cleverly. at Son Lambd. Birth 9th
22 5
Clear. Son Lambd Conducted the women home and went for mrs Conry to Nurs, arivd with her at 3h ys morn. at Ditoes.  
23 6
Clear. my Dagt is Cleverly. at Ditos.  
24 7
Clear. I knit Some and tryed hoggs Lard. at Ditos.  
25 1
Clear. Dagt Lambd had an ill turn. we gave her feaver fue and Shee is better. at Dito.  
26 2
Clear. mrs Conry washt. Shee was Calld by Wilm Stickney to Nurs his wife. Polly Allin Came at Evn. at Ditoes. mrs Conry [went] away.  
27 3
Clear. my Dagt was very ill at night. we were up with her the most of the night. I feel feeble. at [Ditoes], my Dagt unwel.  
28 4
Clear. Polly Allin went home. mr Lambd gave her 3/ for her [Service]. at Ditoes.  
29 5
Clear. I feel very unwel but went to Son Ephms, find him [wounded]. left my Daugt Better. it is thanksgiving day. [at dito] & at Son Ephms.  
30 6
raind. I am at Son Ephms, his Chimney is Building by [mr] Saunders. at Son Ephms, he is very Lambe  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.