Martha Ballard's Diary, November 1 - 19, 1804

1 5
Clear. at home. Jonas Childn here. at home.  
2 6
Clear and So Cold. at home. at home.  
3 7
Clear and warm for ye Season. I have washt, ironed and pikt up wd. at home.  
4 1
Cleare. I have been at home. Bror Lambd here. mrs Farewel walkt to mr Benets. at home.  
5 2
raind. I have been at home. mrss Farewel Spun Some. at home.  
6 3
Clear. Son Lambd Came for me and I went home with him. at Son Lambds.  
7 4
Clear. I went from Son Lambds to Son Ephms, then Came home and returnd to Lambds. mrs Savage there. at Ditoes & at son Ephms.  
8 5
Clear. I was at Ditoes kniting. at Ditoes.  
9 6
Clear. Dagt Lambd & I to mr Swanton, they removd a Shop. at Ditoes & Swanton  
10 7
Snowd. at Son Lambds, wrote to Saml Wheaton. at Son Lambds.  
11 1
Clear. I am at Son Lambds. at Ditoes.  
12 2
Clear. at Dot s, finisht Allins Socks. at Ditoes.  
13 3
Clear. I am at Ditoes, began my hoes. at Detoes.  
14 4
Clear. at Ditoes, knit & made Pies. at Ditoes.  
15 5
Snowd. Lucy is very unwel. mr Petingl Butchered a Cow for son Lambd. at Ditoes.  
16 6
Clear and Cold. Doct Cony was Calld to See Lucy Lambd, gave an Emetic which relievd her. at Ditoes.  
17 7
Clear. Lucy is much better. I have been there. our Swine Butcherd at [Son] Ephms. at Ditoes.  
18 1
Clear and Cold. I was at meeting and went home. Lambd & wife to Son Pollards. at meeting.  
19 2
Clear. I have been at home Seting my hous in some order, Sorted apples &C. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.