Martha Ballard's Diary, October 10 - 15, 1804

10 4
rainy. I am Some Easier, am with my Childn. Thomas is very ill. mr Gill wattct. they Calld me up thinking he was Expiring but he revived. at my Son Lambd, Thomas no better.  
11 5
Cloudy and Some rain. I am at Son Lambds, Thomas very ill. mrs Fletcher Came to Sett up with him, mrs Savage and I Sett allso. w thought him Expiring at midnight but he revivd a little alternd, again at 2h morn. at Ditoes. the Child very ill. I sett up the most of ye night.  
12 6
Clear. Thomas Expired at 5h and 20m ys morn. mrs Savage and Fletcher put his Grave Cloaths on and tarried till after Breakfast. Dagt Polly, mrs Gill, Betsy [Kumbal] helpt them Sew. I have been very feeble but am there. may God Sanctify this Bereevment to us all. at Detoes. Thomas Expired at 5h 20m Morn.  
13 7
Clear. I tarried till ye 11th H and Sett out for home. Calld at Doct Conys to See Lynda Gitchel who is very Sick there. I Calld at Son Jonas to See Jack Pierce, he is thought to be Some better. Dagt Pollard Calld and took Tea and then went on to Son Lambards. Heman Bur went with her. at Ditoes, Doct Conys & Son Jonas.  
14 1
Clear. Cyrus and I attended at the interment of Thos Lambard. Revd mr Parker made ye prauer. mr Capin & wife, Pollard and wife, Sons Jona & Ephm & wives, mr Gill and his proseeded as mourners. we wrode in Shais. at the Funeral of Thos Lambd. [recd] [  ] Letter of Augst [  ] fm Sist Waters.  
15 2
Clear. mr Lambd was Calld to See mr Swanton who had a fitt at 3h morn. I went there ys morn, he was better and gone to Read field. Dagt Pollard left her sister and went to Son Ephms forn. mrs Capin went home. I walkt from the bridg, Calld at Crosbys and his fathers Stors. at mr Carters, Danys, Fletchers and mr Andrus & Son Jonas. [I returnd from Son Lambds]. receivd 3/ of mrs Swanton, an old Debt of mrs Capin 1/6.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.