Martha Ballard's Diary, September 13 - 19, 1804

13 5
Clear part of ye day. I went to Son Jonas to See Patty, find her much as Shee has been. Dagt Ballard informd me [yt] Betsy Andrews was Deld of a fine Son this morn 3m after mid night. I have been unwell, was much relaxt last night. Sally Farewel is in ye Same Situation. at Son Jonas. Pally is much as Shee was. Funeral of Chases infant.  
14 6
Clear. I have been feeble but had to do my work and wash. I went to Son Jonas [and] Sett up with Pally. Joa Smith Sett with me. Old mrss Dunfy Sleeps there. at Son Jonas and watcht.  
15 7
Clear. I have done my hous work and ironed. Capt Savages widdo Came to See me, tarries all night. mrs Dunfy Came and took Breakfast. at Son Jonas ys morn.  
16 1
Cloudy morn, Clear aftern. mrs Savage went to Jonas foren. I drest to go to Meeting but Could not have the hors. I went to See Pally at Evng, find her very thirsty. at Son Jonas.  
17 2
Clear part of ye day, raind aftern & Evng. I have done my hous wk and Some things in ye Gardin. gathered ripe Scarlit Beens. had Squash, Shell & Stringd Beens and pork for Diner. at home.  
18 3
rainy part of the day. I am told yt Patty is much Better, am glad it it [sic] is so. I have made 13 [Dozn] Candles, Sent 1 DZn to Son Jonas to replace those I have borrowed there. Prudance [Snow] Came here to Bake for my Son Jona. Cyrus went to Son Ephms to Carry Plumbs and Apples for his Father and Polly. at home. mrs Farewel to Benets & my Sons.  
19 4
rainy. I have Cleand my Sellar and done my hous work & went to See Pally. find her in a greatir Delirium than I have ever Seen her [before]. at my Sons Jonas. saw him in A [Great Patian her boys.]  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.