Martha Ballard's Diary, September 1 - 12, 1804

1 7
Clear. I have been at home, done my hous work. at home.  
2 1
Clear Except a Shower. it is our Communion. I was at meeting fore noon. tarried with Ephms Babe. mrs Farewel went home. at meeting & at Son Ephms.  
3 2
at my Sons till ye 6th when I went home to See to my   
4 3
hous, find Patty Doore very Sick. at my sons Jonas.   
5 4
  with my Childn. the Babe Expired at mid night.  
6 5
7 6
Clear. Lemuel Came for me to to to my sons again. I find them [mourning] the loss of their dear Babe. may God Sancktify this berievement to them and to us all. mr Frosts Babe is very Sick again. at my son Ephms, the Babe 12 weaks lacking 5 hours. 
8 7
Clear and very warm. mr Stone Came to See my Childn. at Ditoes.  
9 1
Clear and very warm. Thee Remains of Son Ephms infant were interd. Revd mr Parker made the prayer. I left them and Came home about Sun Sett, wint to Jonas and helpt take Care of Patty thro the night. hir Father sett up with me. at the Funeral of son Ephms infant.  
10 2
Clear till night when we had a heavy shour. the men Cleand our wel. I have been takeing Care of things in my Gardin and went and helpt Pally out of bed and drisst her Blisters &C. at son Jonas. Patty is very Sick.  
11 3
A very rainy day. Cyrus is gone to See the review. I have been out in the rain after the Swine and other matters and feel much fatagued. at home, out in the rain after hoggs &c.  
12 4
raind part of ye day. I have done my hous work and been to See Pally. Shee is much as Shee was, her Marm is with her. I have had a Sick [Night]. at Son Jonas, mrs Farewel Came home aftern.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.