Martha Ballard's Diary, August 1 - 7, 1804

1 4
Clear. I have done my work, washt N. room & kitchen, Stares & Entry floors. mr [Wilson] Sleeps here. at home, washt floors. Cyrus Carrid 13 lb wool to ye Meshene.  
2 5
Clear and Cool. I have Done my hous work and Some in my Gardin. Joanna Smith workt here, spun 2 Skeins of [Cotten] yarn and did Some Chors. Sally Farewel Calld and took Tea with me, informs that Son Ephms infant has a Soar Mouth. at home. Sally Farewel informd yt Ephms Babe has a Soar mouth. it is 7 months Since my husband went to Jail.  
3 6
Clear part of ye day, Some Showers. Joanna washt. I workt in my Gardin and did hous wk. Shee went home some time before night. Luke Barton Came and Conducted Sally Pollard from here. Cyrus been to his Bror Ephms, the infant is not well. at home. mr Puringtn Calld here. Sally went home.  
4 7
Cloudy & Showers. I went to Son Ephms after I had done my morning work, find the Babe very unwell; tarrie ys night. at Son Ephms.  
5 1
Clear. I went to meeting. the Babe is no Better. Rachel Smiths nose bled the most of the night. I am at my Sons. at meeting and at Son Ephms.  
6 2
Clear. I am at my Sons, the Babe is much the Same. the Scurf Comes of its mouth Some. mrs Farewel and Sally there. at my Sons, the Babe is no better.  
7 3
Clear. I left my Sons at 10h morn, the Babe Seemd very Sick. I left her marm there. Son Jonas wife went down. I have felt almost Sick Since I Came home. at Deloes, and returnd home quite fatagued.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.