Martha Ballard's Diary, July 25 - 31, 1804

25 4
Clear. I have done my hous work and some in my Gardin. Son Ephm Calld here. at home.  
26 5
Clear. Son Ephm Conducted his wife & Babe home to hous keeping. Lemuel Came up for her furniture. Heman Came up with the team aftern. I Gave him Greens and Curents to Carry home. mrs Gill, Williams and Betsy Dind here. I went to Son Jonas, mrs Pierce and two Childn there. H. B. & [Mchll] Peirce Sleepe here, Jack & Ephm allso. at my Sons. mrs Gill made me a visit. Ephms wife went to hous keeping.  
27 6
Clear. I have houghd in my Gardin and done my hous work. Dagt Ballard, mrs Pierce and Sally and mrs Cleark & her Daugt took Tea here. Betsy Church Came to help me at Evng. Hannah Ballard and Hitty Pierce Sleep here. Wm Gill Brot me _ Gln Ginn from his Father. at home, had Company. the Girls Sleepe here. mr Gills Sent me _ Gn Ginn.  
28 7
Clear. I have wed my Nusery. Betsy Church did my washing and ironing. Cyrus Brot 9_ lb flower from Ephm. at home, unwel but workt.  
29 1
Some rain. I was very unwel with a relax. Dagt Ballard and Dagts here just at Evng. Allin Lambd had a Box Curents, Heman Some hops. at home, Cyrus to Meeting.  
30 2
Showers. mrs Farewel Came and took Tea with me. I have felt very feeble but did my work. with Sallys help I Churnd 3_ lb Butter. at home. mrs Farewel here.  
31 3
Showers with thunder. I have been at home, done my work with Sallys help. Cyrus brot 1 Bushl indien Meal home which mr Gill Sent me. he got 1 Peck rie of mr Mosier. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.